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For your sport facility you may need much more than just the actual playing area. For all sports you have many options including (please ask): -

Lighting Food and drink area
Heating Shop
Air Conditioning Training classroom
Seating areas Washing facilities
Changing rooms Showers
Office Toilets

Seasonal or Permanent Usage

We offer ideal solutions for the seasonal or permanent coverage of your sporting venue.

Our structures can be quickly erected and equally rapid dismantled leaving no visible traces allowing for temporary or permanent coverage.

The translucency of the membrane allows your venue to be used in daylight without artificial light.

The excellent insulation characteristics of the double fabric membrane also ensure the proper condition for the use of any flooring type.

Enhance Existing Facilities

The flexibility of the building structures means we can design a structure that fits with your current facilities as required.

This means existing buildings, sports playing areas; seating stands and so on can be part of this design. This means previous investments in your existing facilities can be enhanced further and add greater value. This also allows the option to effectively have a winter and summer format to ensure all year round training facility utilisation. This can help with income, offer consistent training and improve the return of investment where the weather can significantly affect all these factors.

Tennis Inflatable Domes